Contemporary Australian art

18 Boundary Road
Wonthaggi - Inverloch
Bass Coast, Victoria

Located in a delightful pocket of southern Victoria, Goat Island Gallery and Sculpture is an established part of the vibrant Bass Coast art scene. The acres of gardens, pastures and wetlands surrounding the gallery make it a unique setting for owner/artist, Frank Schooneveldt. For Frank - it is an inspirational place to create and display work. For visitors - it is a tranquil and suprising place to share that experience.

And then there are the resident goats, Esmerelda & Dulcie who lend their name and personalities to Goat Island Gallery.

Easter Open Days: Paintings Sculpture Garden

Saturday, Sunday and Monday
10.00am - 4.00pm or by appointment

Experience the intriguing, challenging sculptural works by Frank Schooneveldt that ponder the comparatively short evolution and history of humans, homo sapiens: the species that dominates our planet. View these and other works including Frank's Across the Ditch series: a suprisingly colourful impression of the space between the clouds and sea, Oz & NZ from 36,000 feet. And extend your visit by exploring Goat Island Gallery's extensive gardens and wetlands.


  • Across the Ditch 1 Frank Schooneveldt Across the Ditch 1 Frank Schooneveldt
  • Across the Ditch 2 Frank Schooneveldt Across the Ditch 2 Frank Schooneveldt
  • Across the Ditch 3 Frank Schooneveldt Across the Ditch 3 Frank Schooneveldt
  • Patersonia occidentalis – Native Iris Patersonia occidentalis – Native Iris
  • Acer, Garden in Autumn Acer, Garden in Autumn
  • Correa Alba & Banksia Correa Alba & Banksia
  • Homo Sapiens Frank Schooneveldt Homo Sapiens Frank Schooneveldt
  • Homo Futuris Frank Schooneveldt Homo Futuris Frank Schooneveldt
  • Dulcie Dulcie
  • Esmerelda Esmerelda


Explore Goat Island Gallery's growing collection of sculpture and other objects. Map and images

  • Peacock bling - Bob Hickman Peacock bling - Bob Hickman
  • Triffids9 - Nicola Hoyle Triffids9 - Nicola Hoyle
  • Flotsam - Frank Schooneveldt Flotsam - Frank Schooneveldt
  • Mural - Frank Schooneveldt Mural - Frank Schooneveldt
  • Perching hens - Helen McInnes Perching hens - Helen McInnes
  • Sculpture walk Sculpture walk


Goat Island Gallery is surrounded by three acres of predominately native gardens. In any season the gardens are feast to the senses and create a tranquil ambience that all may enjoy. And then there is the wetlands - a haven for birds and other wildlife. The extensive wetlands include a small lake with two islands - Goat Island is the larger one.


A leisurely 2 hour (140km) drive from Melbourne, 4km south of Wonthaggi along the Bass Coast Hwy towards Inverloch. And only 16kms from Phillip Island.

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Artists online

Frank Schooneveldt - view Frank's art site

Born Haarlem, Netherlands 1950. Migrated to Melbourne, Australia 1951.

Frank's work is influenced by a number of factors: the time he spent as a child exploring the bush environment near homes in Greensborough and Healesville, Victoria; the proximity of some well known artists that gave glimpses of life in the studio that excited his youthful imagination; the juxtaposition of the natural and built environments observed through his "day job" in building and construction; and a passionate interest in both Australian and international art.

Frank's work has developed over 30 years and has an intense energy that emphasises colour, shape and form. He has participated in a number of exhibitions including Creative Gippsland 2011& 2012,San Remo Art Show 2011, Walker Street Gallery's "9 x 5", City of Kingston's Arts Blitz, Chapel Off Chapel Gallery Momentos and a joint exhbition with Frank Merchant 'Two Points of View' - Chapel Off Chapel Gallery. His work is represented in private and corporate collections.

Frank has also particpated in the annual Creative Gippsland Art Festival gaining an award in 2013.

Frank Merchant -

Born 1932, Died 2016 Sydney Australia.

Frank Merchant was a practising Sydney based artist. This site is a collection of his output which will eventually contain images of the hundreds of works he has created over the last thirty years. As you can see the images reflect his abiding interest in the Australian landscape, the humans who inhabit it, and animals such as dingoes and a unique series of a dying Tasmanian tiger. He has had many exhbitions and continued to work regularly with two groups in Sydney including Hornsby H12 group. At the moment this bio is short on detail - Frank far prefers the works to speak for themselves.

Ray Dahlstrom

Studio 40 was established at Inverloch in November 2009, to become the working studio of artist Ray Dahlstrom. Ray and his family were survivors of the horrific Black Saturday bushfires which ravaged the state of Victoria in February 2009. The fire totally destroyed the family property at Steels Creek in the Yarra Valley. Included in Ray's loss were his supply of art materials and about 100 paintings, completed over 25 years of painting in the valley.
On re-establishing at Inverloch in South Gippsland, Studio 40 was set up in a restored shed on the 40 acre property.

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